As soon as I breeze through the family Xmas activities, I’ll run off to work and get some editing done. I need to get some files so I can work at home tomorrow too, but I’ll get a lot of work done when no one is at the office. I love what I do, so working on Xmas eve ain’t no thing.┬áTOTAL GEEK OUT!

I had to upgrade to a newer laptop since the old one had a C:drive die on me. I didn’t lose much data because I religiously back up my essential files every month onto a portable drive. The new laptop is fast enough to handle Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5, which is what all my main editing machines are using too, so it’s now compatible for editing. Combine all that with being the first computer I’ve owned with USB 3.0 compatibility and it actually handles HD files too.

The writing is on the walls though. Because I work off of 2-3 computers at work, a laptop, and yet another desktop at home, not even including my iPhone – this idea of the “Cloud” (or iCloud if Apple has their way) dominates the future. Having all my files accessible to all my devices simultaneously makes perfect sense. When I download an image to use in a video, I have to remember which machine did I download it on, where is it, did I copy it to the right drive, etc. Wireless networking will soon take over for the phone and cable TV industries. It will probably become a service like electricity all over the country – and my prediction – in less than 10 years.

So this cloud will be some kind of off-site hard drive with storage for your files. Security and privacy concern most people, and rightfully so. Look at the way nudie pics are being hacked from cell phones. This will be EVERYTHING you have in data. Resistance is futile. We’re headed into the maelstrom, Borg-style! This will be like people who resisted cell phones or the Internet. The entire world will head this way before long. Look at social media and Egypt. You can’t stop the future.

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