Got 3 new tech tip hosting segments shot yesterday. No, I have not lost any significant amount of weight even though I’ve increased my walking and running. I’ve even curbed my fried food and soda intake. I’m even lowering the total amount of food I eat. I am healthier on many levels, but the size isn’t affected yet. I need to add free weights and upper body to make a dent methinks. The delicate balance is not wanting to be vain whilst also trying to look good for camera. This past wave of depression was not fun, but no where near as bad as last fall. As much as I relied on friends, I was still very much alone in this. I feel proud that I could handle it without people coming over all the time. I want to know I can make it on my own. Of course, I have the utmost appreciation of the people who allowed me to bend their ear, listen to me drone on over and over again on the same things.

Snapping out of this feels good. It feels even better to get some work done. I want to get to the more ambitious projects soon. To be enveloped with the work and to lose yourself for a while in the process makes life better.

I plan on travelling again next year. Whether back to Europe or especially South America, where I have never been, I want to see more of the world. Meeting people from other cultures opens the mind and keeps you humble. Argentina stands out. I have some bizarre yearning to visit Buenos Aires. No clue why, just do.

I have been to all kinds of places on this planet. And that’s only a fraction of what’s out there. With iPhones and DSLR’s anyone can record and document these things in high quality video. I plan to.

The future is not written for me just yet. Hope still resides in my heart just a little.

[i]”There has been no one brighter than you, I can’t deny these things that I do, Feels like the world’s at stake, I have been waiting for you”
– Seal[/i]

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