My biggest riddle is still not solved. I need to get Closed Captions on FRAMELINES before the end of the week and as of yet, I have absolutely NO IDEA how to make that happen. The panic of Thursday-Friday eroded on Saturday. Saw MAN OF STEEL (eh, pretty good but no DARK KNIGHT), and relaxed, and today was spent on a whole other project with a deadline of tomorrow morning. I’m teaching 2 classes this week, locking up large portions of my day(s). Stress permeates the week already. I normally love riddles, and time constraints help, but this one might beat me, although I won’t concede defeat until I have exhausted all options. Time is my real enemy here.

The answer might be in Mac-Apple-Land, a place I don’t know as well as PC-World. Final Cut Pro 7 allows Line 21 Closed Captions out via Firewire, but I have to get our Scenarist Closed Captions to open on a Mac, which I have not tried as I do not have any Apple computers at my fingertips.

This coming weekend I will endeavor to complete a picture lock on the latest Cell Phone Monologue. Simultaneously, I am shooting a few new videos that are not a part of the podcast series proper, but fit somewhere in the realm. Not sure at ALL what to call these, but I’ve got several short, informative videos to do. They aren’t Tech Tips for FRAMELINES and they aren’t a part of the MOVIE CLICHES series either. I’ll worry about naming them after they are in the can.

I’m burning off the anxious energy with walking. Getting faster and less tired as I do more. My head is clearing a bit more on the walks. They aren’t as caustic as they used to be. I’m keeping a little more positive energy even though I’m still going to the same parks and seem to be the “triggers” for some of this negativity.

This is all I have to write as audio conforms and video renders. Back to the cut!


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