Lord almighty I feel great! The Telly Awards arrived today. I am officially better than my nemesis at school. There’s 3rd party verification. There’s a statue on my shelf, if nothing else, proof that I have one and she does not. Tack on top all the editing and shooting getting done and I just plain can’t stand how freakin’ sweet life is at this very moment. With each passing day, the hope of winning the Emmy dims. I don’t care that much. I’m so excited at the nomination alone that it will last me a whole year. Then I can try again.

The Emmy ceremony has presented a problem. Who to take as a date? I’m not really dating anyone right now, so it’s an awkward first or second date. Do you want to get dressed up and sit in a room full of strangers for 3-4 hours randomly clapping every few minutes? And it’s out of town so we might have to stay in a hotel. Women aren’t exactly lining up for this rollicking good time with a balding, old fat guy.

At least I will know about 12-13 people in the room that night. A lot of great people have been nominated. People I’ve worked with in some capacity or have gotten to know socially will be there, hopefully we’ll all have a good night.

Little Lorenzo and I are getting on so well these days. He wakes me up every single day, nudging my feet with his head. It’s adorable the way he purrs and just emanates happiness at all times. My boys are the greatest gift I’ve ever had in my life. I never knew pets could give such rewarding relationships to me.

I hope to have one of these new pieces edited by the end of the weekend. It’s almost all graphics and After Effects work. Joe did the main cut today on both of the greenscreen portions, but I disappear from the screen for more than 75% of them both.

A few tweaks to the latest episode of FRAMELINES in that I’ve swapped out the Tech Tip for something newer, plus an all new On Location clip. Today I confirmed an interview I’ve been trying to get for over 3 years for the show. I’m not ashamed to have dropped the Emmy nomination in the email.

Going to try to get sleep soon. When my mind gets so inflamed by projects, it can be so hard to drift off. Insomnia kills me physically. Yesterday I walked a few miles at high speed and tonight I bowled until my arm was going to fall off.

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