Picture lock done on the new-new podcast. No idea how to use this, as it will be okay for FRAMELINES, but also on the web it will belong to Sonnyboo. All I need is music for it and the first of two will be set. I got to tinker with After Effects for animation for the majority of this. Nothing particularly special or unique, just making the numbers do a little more than what is possible in the NLE, that’s Non Linear Editing software for the noobs. Perhaps I shouldn’t say this out of superstition, but I am not superstitious; I think this latest video might be my first viral video in years, the one that might get over 1,000,000 views. On Crackle.com, back before it was bought by Sony, I had a short film with over 22,000,000 views. Right now, only a few instructional videos have over 100,000+ views on YouTube and in the 50,000+ views on Vimeo are all the stats that can be seen today.

Patience is my new mantra. I have a single shot to do on the latest Cell Phone Monologue, and I have another one 100% done. I am waiting to release these as a package to film festivals, then I will put them online after a few months of that. The waiting would have driven me nuts before. Now, I found the key to be inundating myself with a mountain of work to distract me from the anxiousness.

I now have 2 podcast series shooting and editing, the short film series Cell Phone Monologues, the television show being broadcast now Framelines, and the feature film Accidental Art on the horizon. All this whilst working 2 jobs. Insanity must run in the family.

I’m not slowing down enough to relax. I never watch movies anymore because I don’t have time. I cancelled Netflix until I watch at least 50% of the Blu Rays I’ve bought and have never seen. That could take a full year (or 6 if I keep up the current pace of NOT watching movies at home).

My goal is almost met. I wanted to get back to the place where I was 11 years ago when making movies fulfilled every part of my soul. I’m 95% there, if there can actually be a percentage ratio of soul completeness or a way to scientifically measure such things.

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