Got out and saw a movie yesterday (World War Z). Progress is made. Today I intend to watch a few movies at home as I do laundry. It’s domestic day even though I’m also going to do some editing for FRAMELINES too. I wish FRAMELINES made more money as I love editing on the show. I just get entirely burned out editing all day and then all night on something else. In yesterday’s blog I predicted I had a 1million view viral video on my hands. I’m going to reneg on that. No one wants to see a 2 minute math lesson just because I am a complete dork that thinks this is interesting.

I decided on just calling it the “Sonnyboo Podcast”. I had nothing better and it will become all encompassing of several upcoming video projects. The (alleged) brand name of Sonnyboo may not have the value it once did, alas it still has some cache left. I also decided to adopt the Sonnyboo Intern logo as the new Sonnyboo (all) logo.

This week is all about scheduling various shoots, podcast, tech tip, FRAMELINES interviews, movie cliche mini movies, and more.

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