It seems I have created many internal monsters. I can’t watch one movie from a series without watching all of the movies in a row and who has 4-12 hours to dedicate to sitting and staring at a screen…which is what happens anyways when the malaise kicks in and aimless wandering from topic to topic on Facebook or Wikipedia occurs. I can’t seem to get caught up. When I get a few things done, more just piles on top. These moments cause me to not feel rested. It doesn’t help to have little sleep. Lack of sleep wreaks havoc on my tired old body. Even when I get a nap, I can’t focus for hours.

I tinkered tonight with an overall image/design for the webseries. I was flipping channels and saw a few shows on MTV and E! that were in no way similar to what I am doing, but the ‘style’ of the shows, and using greenscreen for talking heads were the modern approach I am aiming for. Now I do not want their direct art direction, but the basic concept of having images and very very subtle animation (meaning circles or colored dots) keeping the background from being too boring was something I liked.

The editorial pace was something I was already locked into. I felt like my choices were in line with current shows. That made me feel better, like I’m not so far out of the loop on modern styles. I honestly haven’t paid much attention in the past several years. I’ve only had cable TV back for the last 10 months after a 9 year absence.

I grow weary of these days. I want some parts of my life back. Not all of it, not everyone from it, just some of it. I love my boys. We have a grand ole time here in New Rossdonia.

Life does NOT suck. It just has some sucky edges sometimes. You know?


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