I have had a really strange week or so. I went from being violently ill to a hotbed of writing for college to almost getting fired which transformed into a new job and a raise. How funny that someone trying to get me fired turned into a significant increase in my annual salary. Karma loves me. It must explain why so many good things keep happening in my life of late. When I got into the whole Emmy submission this year, I splurged and entered more than one piece. I heded some advice and my FRAMELINES went more upscale, dressed up a lot more, and I streamlined the content to only the best. Sadly, I think it is the lesser of all 3 years’ submissions to be honest.

That has motivated me with an upcoming shoot to aim higher, make the shoots themselves a lot better and of what might be Emmy quality. Next year will mark the last time I enter FRAMELINES material for the Emmy methinks. I will be petering out, plus I will want to focus on narrative filmmaking, and non educational material for a while.

And I want to find time to exercise, ride my bike, have people over for drinks, watch a lot of movies, etc. Enjoying life means a lot to me. Considering taking in another stray kitten as well. Lorenzo, no longer little, has really opened up. His confidence has grown, his standard of living greatly increased. Vladimir Jack Bauer’s bitterness and fatness equally enlarged. His lifestyle shows no signs of changing a lot.

I’m here to tell you; Life in Rossland kicks all kinds of ass, big ass, little ass; ALL KINDS OF ASS.

“Out of touch, out of reach
You could try to get closer to me
I’m in luck, I’m in deep,
Hypnotized, I’m shakin’ to my knees “
– Def Leppard

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