As someone who is neither a technophobe or without knowledge of computers, it was somewhat surprising to many that I do not have a network at home nonetheless a wireless one. Because I recently purchased a 2nd WDTV (Western Digital Media Player), the newer versions have many network features. Today I got a wireless router and setup a home network. My new WDTV has so many web features, it only makes sense, along with using my laptop in the new “Study” where my printer lives. I’ve gone without wireless at home for all this time. Usually with my laptop, I could steal a connection because so few people protected their networks. Boy is THAT not true anymore. No one anywhere leaves their internet unprotected without a password.

Since I use an iPhone, iPod, a laptop, a WDTV, and various other devices, this move is long overdue. I was pleased to see I can not only move files to the WDTV wirelessly to the 2nd floor from the basement, but I can also play things straight off the drives on my main desktop too.

Basically I spent $30 to not have to carry a tiny portable USB drive from the 2nd floor to the basement.

The WDTV even has Youtube and Netflix streaming. I cancelled Netflix streaming as soon as they started charging extra for it. It was okay, but the quality was way subpar for me. I prefer either Blu Ray or really high quality 1080P files to watch. I’m a quality nut and I respect the work of the sound designers/mixers and cinematographers way too much not to see the movies in the best presentation possible.

I’ve taken to ripping my DVD’s and Blu Rays to store on drives and stream to my devices. I love having everything I want at my fingertips. Especially when I’m under the weather. Which sadly, I am a bit right now.

Instead of editing, I’m doing a massive file management day, prepping. Moving folders, projects, and files to storage drives or media drives I can edit from a laptop, etc. I’m trying to make it more time economical to edit wherever.


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