As paid work slows down, the unpaid work ramps up. Time to put a lot more effort into FRAMELINES, our PBS show on filmmaking. I was changing directions on the short film show, as many of the films were not as PBS friendly, but they may really want this, so retooling the show means a lot more work. I still don’t know what is the best direction to take the show yet, so I am mulling it over. A more conservative, yet higher quality production, or something a bit more mainstream with a looser chain around the neck?

We shot a few more Rountables for FRAMELINES this week. I think the “Very Special Episode” for the 48 Hour Film Project Columbus may actually get bumped to either a double sized 60 minute episode, or possible edited into two separate 30 minute episodes. We have a lot of great material, and some killer soundbytes. Combine that with Mike Tavares working the crane with his virtual reality glasses to monitor, and we have a killer looking roundtable discussion.

Still, I’m dealing with technical issues that threaten to demolish one of the original studio shoots. I think I fixed it but I won’t know until editing. I love the multicam editing function, being able to “switch” live in post production, and then going in to tweak and adjust it after. It’s a strange and fun process for taking 4 cameras of the same event and creating an edit weeks (and months) later like it was a live event.

I’m gearing up to shoot more things like my 180 Degree Rule video and more short educational film tips. They are for the show, but they are also the most successful videos I have online. I like to teach. It’s something I enjoy. You can’t please everyone, but I never wanted to try.

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