This wheel keeps turning. I’ve got a lot of writing done for the next few projects. From a few brand new SHORT TAKES for FRAMELINES (to go along with the other 6 already shot), the next few Sonnyboo Podcasts, and finalizing the next few Movie Clich√©s as well. I love being productive in my creative side.¬†Getting ready to shoot the next FRAMELINES interactrive tutorial is my highest priority. It needs the participation of the most people right now, so that’s why it tops my list. From coordinating with the talent to the crew to everything else, I feel good about progress in that arena.

For some of the other projects, delays were inevitable but also beneficial. The scripts and visuals are going to be much better than I originally intended. That’s always a plus. I have some greenscreen material over 6-8 months old that hasn’t been finished because of unfinished ideas of what they need as meat to the greenscreen sandwich.

I prefer to let ideas ferment like a fine wine, come naturally and not force them or shoot something inadequate or subpar. Yuck. That would be awful. Hopefully I will get even more free time soon so I can focus up on scheduling the shoots and getting this material in the pipeline.

“Turned away from it all like a blind man,
sat on a fence but it don’t work”
– David Bowie/Queen

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