Things are a-boomin’ in my world at the moment. Inundated with work, most especially paid work. The semi-annual national ad campaign is in full swing meaning I have practically no time for anything in the next week or so. I’m trying to just stay afloat. Waves of odd contradictory emotions crash over me. Overall, life absolutely does NOT suck right now. Creativity hampered by age and life equal a better existence. I am faced with some enormous challenges. I hate buzzwords. These aren’t challenges; they’re problems. And why mince words? A person or two are problems for me right now. I attempt to avoid the drama as much as I can, not always succeeding depending on mood. It’s so hard not to explode in a tirade of blogs solely on the subject of moronic people who cannot recall the purchase of appliances, but I shan’t go any further.

The below freezing weather means MOVIE TIME. All I’m doing is binge watching TV series, double features of Blu Ray movies, reading books, and playing with cats. My brain cannot help but jot down the occasional idea, maybe make a phone call or to for upcoming shoots, and edit a little on the material I have before me.

I’m tearing through greenscreen material I can edit and make something from, at least in theory. Don’t have time to do extensive animation or editing right now outside of the job. School luckily slowed down for now too, but this just means getting more sleep as opposed to none.

Dropped off the tapes for FRAMELINES for broadcast. Those will get into rotation soon. Have to find time to prep this year’s Emmy submission too. Ugh, I don’t know if I have anything good enough this time. I’ll try anyways.

“Our bodies moved and hardened
Hurting parts of your garden
With no room for a pardon
In a place where no one knows what we have done”
– Damien Rice