First draft of the screenplay turned in. Storyboards with revisions also turned in. A serious amount of progress accomplished. Sadly, all by people not me. Me, I’ve been booked solid with no real free time to do a lot on my own projects. Hopefully, that will change soon. I’m editing all weekend and then nothing is booked for a while.¬†I cannot afford too much time away, at least I couldn’t until this past week. A financial windfall just hit that will allow me to survive just fine even if the typical holiday slow period for video production stays slow. I now have the financial security to weather this time. Even better, it will help finance this next set of projects I want to complete as well.

I simply do not turn down most work offered to me, unless already booked. This has inhibited my own projects and also FRAMELINES. Being burned out doesn’t help either. I have a pattern of working so much I get crispy like a KFC meal deal. Then I am useless for my own projects as well as the paid work quality declines.

This holiday season looks to be slow, although that can change on a dime. Even so, I am going to complete a ton of FRAMELINES projects while I have the money aspects of my worls covered. It does feel different when it is a mortgage weighing down on you like someone stepping on your neck.

My health has taken a strange and surprising upswing. After some emergency dental work, the new medication they gave me has really turned a lot around. My energy is up, my overall feeling is way better. It turns out, having less pain every day is some kind of catalyst for feeling less bad!

Health up, financial security, still loving the house, creative endeavors progressing‚Ķ.Aside from a very annoying kitty, I can’t ask for a lot more than I’ve got in life right now.

“I’ve got a feeling

All these years I’ve been wandering around
Wondering how come nobody told me
All that I was looking for was somebody
Who looked like you

I’ve got a feeling, that keeps me on my toes”
– Beatles

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