IMDB updated with some long overdue FRAMELINES credits. Been meaning to do this for months and months, finally got them entered. It helped me, as my free music makes it seem like I am primarily a ‘composer’, even though I am not composing any music for anyone’s movies. The PRODUCER and DIRECTOR credits for FRAMELINES bumps me up proper as a filmmaker again. Not that I was worried, but it is cool to see it corrected. More credits for the new episodes entered as well. The festival cut of the Cell Phone Monologues finished up. Working on the setups and submissions. I chose to omit one of the pieces because it was not on par with the other three. The camera work and acting were fine, but my writing was not good enough.

Uploading the file now. Over the next few months, I’m going to submit to several festivals, expend a little cash on the entry fees. I’m quite proud of the piece. So much so, instead of publicly putting them out as soon as they were finished, I’ve kept them somewhat secret. Aside from, you know, anyone who reads this blog. I sneak preview a lot of videos on here at the bottom, if you didn’t notice.

I also write secret blogs that only the very few know how to get to. They aren’t exactly public. Still, they do exist on the site in some form.

Sleep felt great. Working on a few other projects today or tonight. I need to decompress a little more. My brain squished a little under the weight of deep thoughts over the last few weeks.

Doing a panel discussion with Gary Jones, who it turns out was a director on the TV series Xena Warrior Princess, was awesome. When I got home from the Indie Gathering, I had the wonderful present of finding a brand new stove in the kitchen. I cannot believe I am going to say this, but I owe a big ol’ thank you to the landlord. My ex stepped up. The process of buying the condo has had many bumps. This was a classy move on her part.

She said something to me yesterday. When I said I was leaving for Cleveland, she already knew it was for the Indie Gathering. I made a face and she said “I know your patterns“. I am even more confused than ever. I don’t even know what my patterns are anymore, how can anyone else? Anyone who has read one word of this blog over the last year can probably attest to the fact that I am metamorphosing right now.

Into what, I have no idea yet. As the great douchebag John Mayer would say, I’m in repair.

“I can imagine the moment, Breaking out through the silence, All the things that we both might say, And the heart it will not be denied, till we’re both on the same damn side, all the barriers blown away, come talk to me”
– Peter Gabriel

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