Shot 5 new greenscreen segments last night at the studio. One of my classes did a field trip so I could show them more advanced lighting, which of course was set up by someone that ain’t me. I’m not a gaffer (chief lighting technician), nor am I much of a camera operator. My main job was to be on air talent, read the lines from the teleprompter, then teach the almost unteachable. I did find myself having to direct the students as they read their own scripts on the monitor in front of the camera. I only do it because I am cheap (free), I care deeply about what I talk about, and scheduling is easier with one less person to wrangle. Whilst I don’t think I suck on as on-camera talent, I certainly do not rate myself as one of the better hosts-type persons. Convenience wins out where there’s no money in the kitty.

I shot 2 podcasts and 3 new FRAMELINES segments. The editing will commence soon. Yes, the band aid of making these simple things does sate my need to create a movie for now. It still feels great to finish something, put it online, then market it. No, it’s no where near as exhilarating as a narrative movie or more substantive piece.

Soon, I will commence on a new endeavor. Ever seeking to tell a story is me. Back at the editing, post production that is my life outside of teaching and making things for thems that pay me to.

“And now I see that my life has been so blue
With all the heartaches I had till I met you”
– Eric Clapton

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