Shooting interviews tomorrow. Editing tonight. Teaching in the early mornings. Sleep needs to occur in there somewhere. Some days it just feels like I can’t slow down. Eventually this drags me down with illness or exhaustion. And I’m still way behind on my self imposed deadlines. I’m chipping away at the list of “Things to Do”, one item at a time. I am also adding 2-3 items for each thing completed, so it’s not real encouraging. I created an avalanche of work that keeps piling on.

The next Cell Phone Monologue is officially scheduled and confirmed. I’ve been waiting over a year to do this one. Maybe it’s my OCD, but I feel like it’s hard to move past a project that sits unfinished. Much like the aforementioned “Things to Do” list, I have trouble getting past the items that are not done.

I have a big thing about keeping my promises. If I say I’m going to do something, it will drive me insane, torture my own psyche, and invade my rest until I do what I said. I guess maybe that’s also what makes my break up so hard to get past. I promised to be with one person the rest of my life and I’m still alive and not with her. Does not compute, even though I really am better off without her and don’t actually WANT to be with that chick at all, it’s the principal deeply embedded in my soul.


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