Not much time off this weekend. Going to screen a few things in Cleveland. Probably going to edit a few of these odds and ends that I’ve let straggle by the wayside. Things like an updated director’s reel, an alternate and funnier edit to one of the Movie Cliche series. Since I don’t have a need for one and the other already exists in one form; not a priority. I keep making up new things to do too.¬†The muse has returned. Not in the form of a woman or a cat, but a genuine inspiration to create new things. I like to stockpile as much material shot as possible, get it all together then take my time in post, possibly even months to complete because the editing process tends to be the most abstract, therefore a most creative set of options to the movie.

Started to solidify plans to shoot more stuff next month too. Time to get these Movie Cliché samples shot to go with the now 13 month old host segments. Plus incorporate some of these new pieces into the mix. Luckily, these are short albeit far more ambitious in scope than previous ones.

Even the examples for FRAMELINES are getting bigger in my head on what I want to shoot and how to do it. I’m sick of compromises. I’m equally despondent about just slapping shit together. I want to do better than that.

Thus far, the drama has left me out of it since no new mentions of FRAMELINES, and I intend to keep it that way. I have some health hurdles to overcome. I will not be deterred by time wasting pettiness.

I create. Then I market the creations. That is what I do. The rest is a waste of my time. And yours.

“No safety or surprise, the end I’ll never look into your eyes…again ”
– The Doors

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