Teaching ramps down, which is great because I need the time to prep all the film work. Between all the small shoots, Framlines, and the feature all hitting one in a row, your faithful narrator could be crushed under the weight of self imposed pressure. One of my newest tasks will be to start really making notes in the script as to how I picture things, even if it’s just the impressions or moods it means to me. One of my many film idols has always been Francis Ford Coppola. Seeing how he handled the screenplays and source material for THE GODFATHER and APOCALYPSE NOW influence this decision. He took the paperback books, tore out every page and pasted them on 8.5″x11″ pages and took notes around each page for himself. It might have been something as simple as a shot idea, a camera angle, or something more esoteric like how the passage made him feel.

This script came from my own idea. Come hell or high water (not sure how those two ideas coalesce or the etymology of that phrase), I will make this movie soon enough. Much like Daredevil (the Frank Miller version, not the crappy Ben Affleck one), I have no fear. Whatever it was that stopped me a few weeks ago, it ain’t there now.

Having looked at my blog’s stats lead me to review some of the posts of the past few months. Even from as late as November, that darkness has left me. Those feelings aren’t here anymore. I rediscovered my love of making movies, which was what I predicted I needed to come back to life. I’m no longer concerned with my ex or things that are equally irrelevant.

What I have is the future. It belongs to me again. I don’t owe anyone and no one owes me. A clean slate and a healthier body. What more can anyone ask?

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