Today was not much better. Lots of pain, a little medication, a bit of sleep here and there, plus some work that could not be denied. Editing ain’t easy when you’re in pain and can barely keep your eyes open. Even worse, I have an early Ante Meridiem class starting this week. Can’t wait to limp my way into the school and meet with clients this way! Think I found a location for my shoot next week. It’s a simple setup, so this shouldn’t take a lot to pull off, but I really want to make it happen and make it great.

This has been the most painful weekend in terms of physical health I’ve had in a long while. What makes this distinct from others has been my attitude wasn’t demolished. I wasn’t angry or resentful or even all that sad.

That’s probably because of the army of monsters running around this week. Having a brother and sister from the same litter of kittens roaming the halls of New Rossdonia, laying upon me while I sleep, or just rubbing up against my leg as I work; all this and more made me happy.

Even still, I cannot keep either of them. I need to find them forever homes, places where they can give this gift that is their spirit to others. They got me through this tough weekend as it is.

It will tear me apart inside. Last year, I rescued a small kitten and had him for all of 6 days and fell in love with the little bumper. I got over it pretty quick and I’m hoping to do the same here. I cannot allow myself to get too attached lest I fall for the trap they have laid for me with all their deceptive cuteness and lovability.

“I never meant to cause you any sorrow. I never meant to cause you any pain. I only wanted to one time see you laughing. “
― Prince

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