Last night’s Penny Poker night was fun. This year was the first year I actually played poker for more than 2 hands. I played for over an hour at the beginning and then in the wee hours, I played again for over an hour. I cleaned up on silver coins (thanks Gil!) and came out several dollars ahead. Now, it’s time to look at the calendar and feel a great deal of pressure. Two cell phone monologues are on the books to shoot in February. I just booked the first two podcast episodes for a new webseries which I will promptly hand off to someone else to run with. The podcast is mostly greenscreen and the two I’m doing only involve FX work and a simple additional greenscreen shoot with two actors.

ACCIDENTAL ART the feature is barrelling down the tracks at me. The start date looms on the horizon, unwavering, like a samurai guarding a bridge. A lot to do, and not much time. And yet I am running towards this with the fervor and passion I thought was lost to me.

Maybe I am manic, having periods of lows and highs, creativity and inconsolable lack thereof. I’m in the throws of the high time, so I feel I have to get as much done in this time as I possibly can before the muse disappears into the wings again.

If only the MRSA hadn’t just come back in full force. I woke up with my sheets stained with blood from 3 brand new infections. I was warned this might happen. It means I’m kinda screwed. No time to worry about things I cannot control.

I continue the marketing campaign. It has an effect, clearly and without a doubt. And to think, I’m just getting started. Imagine where we’ll be in a month or so when the shows start airing on TV, Video on Demand, and a few other surprises I have in store for my two TV series…

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