You see? This is what I’m talking about. I want to continue to be generous when I choose to, but this makes it very hard. I have a stellar example that vexes me. It makes it nearly impossible to ignore. Some people talk about you behind your back, thinking that no one will tell you what’s being said. Rumors and backstabbing tends to spread faster than a wedding announcement or baby news. By this stage, I’ve learned to live with and/or ignore the noise.

What’s tough is when the words being said are that I never did anything for anyone but myself. Then the person saying this is still using a website design I did for free on their site. This same individual will tell people I am a selfish bastard, but then the title sequence to their videos or the computers they edited all their movies on were mine. What color is the sky in their world?

This same individual described me as ‘toxic’. Indeed, I need my kind of toxicity in my world right now. Anyone want to do an inordinate amount of favors for me so I can then complain that you aren’t doing enough for me?

Bah. I’ll never pretend I’m some kind of saint or that I’ve never made mistakes, but pretending that I’m not doing good as well is just ignoring reality.

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