I had almost forgotten about an idea I had for FRAMELINES, whereby we made an episode of all Tech Tips, something that was educational only. I took the best of what we had in Tech Tips, and had enough material for two full episodes at 26 minutes and 46 seconds each (the standard for our show). Host segments were shot and I am rendering the greenscreen elements out as I type. Clearing my plate opens my mind up to the new things I want to get done. I’ve taken far too long a break between making narrative pieces. Finished a new Sonnyboo Podcast as well (see below). These web things have sated me quite a bit to make something creative, but it ain’t enough.

I live to tell stories. I was reminded of the most profound effect on me was indie filmmaker (at the time) Neil LaBute. His dark, sordid movies of the 1990’s got responses so intense, I never forgot the power of manipulation that motion pictures can have. IN THE COMPANY OF MEN and YOUR FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS represent something very significant to me and changed my entire approach to writing and making movies.

I don’t want to forget those types of inspirations. I need to remember that making a movie is a privilege and not something to ever take for granted.

“Well, mountain lions found me there waitin’
And set me on a eagles back
Well, mountain lions found me there,
He took me past to the outskirts of infinity,
And when he brought me back,
He gave me a venus witch’s ring”
– Jimi Hendrix

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