At the end of a work day, especially doing editing, most people would go out to eat, maybe have a drink, watch a movie, maybe go on a date, or even bowling or some such. Me? I come home and edit some more. I have such a mountain of works I set before myself that I want to see done. It starts with clearing the queue of old projects. Even though I might be able to afford to take some significant time off from paid jobs soon, I feel compelled to work on things when the time presents itself. I have no burden of family or a significant other at the moment. I’m driven by my passions to create, so creating seems like the thing to do.

As I look into my crystal ball, I foresee a great deal of chatter for the next thing that gets released. Because the next FRAMELINES interactive tutorial will consist of me singing and playing 2 songs, assumptions of my enormous ego will fly. As opposed to the concept that I don’t cost any money and it was easier to work with my own schedule, which is more logical. Eh, who cares? I’m just trying to do things and make things. Seeing my fatness and poor musical abilities on screen won’t dissuade me from continuing.

Hopefully by the weekend, I will unveil the project in full and to begin the marketing. Ah, yes, the marketing phase. I actually like marketing. It is a fun thing for me. When giving away something for free, it tends to be easier.

“Why should it be so much to ask of you
What you’re doing to me?”
– The Beatles

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