I had a vendor table and did some panels at last weekend’s HORROR HOTEL convention/film festival. Worked right up until I left, and went right back to work as soon as I got back home. Today was supposed to be my first day of relaxation and it turned into another work day. I like working. I also like to chill every now and then. I had planned on this being the last time I burned optical media. I still sold several DVD’s; I just don’t see a future in it for much longer. My shift of focus for merchandise is T-shirts and books. I sold some books, but no T-shirts. Of course, I had not worked out how to display the shirts, either on hangers or folded on the table yet. In a few months I’ll have another chance to work it and start to further redirect my sales towards the non-archaic items.

I had absolutely a great time at the convention. Talking to old friends from Precinct 13, meeting a ton of new people, and hearing about everyone’s interesting projects made for a great weekend. Ending the weekend with Marie’s Pizza from Wadsworth, Ohio? Perfection.

About to turn out a ton of greenscreen material for Sonnyboo Podcasts and also
FRAMELINES. I haven’t been shooting in a while. I have been scribbling a lot of notes and ideas. I plan on spending today and tomorrow writing out the scripts to shoot early next week.

In what little free time I get lately, I started to fill it with upgrades and alterations to things I did in the past. I generally have stayed away from constant revisionism of my past work after HORRORS OF WAR/NAZI ZOMBIES. This is something specific and not the creative or content portion. I am re-keying old greenscreen works. Now that Ben Brown, a much more experienced visual FX artist than myself (although I am much better looking than Ben), showed me a much more in depth way to key greenscreen, I looked at my past work and felt it was demonstrating a lack of quality on my part.

As a professional, I don’t like having too much work that is sub par out there. I don’t want clients to see the work and think that was the best I can do. People paying you to do work don’t like the words “good enough“. They like only the first word, “good” and that’s what they expect.

And “good is what I aspire to. I have zero interest in “good enough” anymore.

“Whenever I feel like not too great at all
Whenever I’m all alone
And even if I hit the wrong notes
She’s always in my boat, she’s always there
Tellin’ me how much she cares
She’s always in my hair”
– Prince

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