This is unusual. I have more paid projects than I have time for. Directing live shows, shooting a webvideo for a client, and producing more greenscreen for pay. Sleep is not exactly in abundance for a bit until I can get caught up. Still finding time for the gym though. Swimming and getting a little bit of sun has to be a priority. I honestly need the vitamin D from the UV rays and the physical activity of doing laps will keep me healthy, which I am not. Unbelievable, how good I feel. Having a lot more money coming in, dissolving the debt, getting ahead, and not worrying about the mortgage payment for a few months has no equal. Of course, next week is not booked yet, so maybe it’s the old feast or famine that my line of work consists of.

Interviewing soon for a part time teaching position as well. I hope I do get to go back to teaching. Instructing feels right to me at this stage. Imparting this knowledge I collected makes my brain feel more at ease. Why have all this crap in my head if it doesn’t do something for others?

The tally is in, I decided not to purchase a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. It is an amazing little unit, but it’s only for filmwork and would never stand up to the rigors of lowlight situations that video shoots require. I am eyeballing a few Panasonic AF100’s used. I can pick one up for $800 off ebay. I have experience with these cameras, and I won’t be needing 4K, and if I do, those shoots would have a real shooter with a better camera anyways.

I’m not particularly into new age-y things like meditation or the like. I will say that I have been enjoying the swimming a lot because I get into a near meditative state during and as I sit in the sun to dry off. I do not fall asleep. My mind enters the kind of theta-wave state that our brains go into as we drift off to sleep. Also, getting natural sunlight, and breathing very slow and deep, this cannot be replicated. Deeper breathing gets more oxygen, and the swimming increases my circulation and that oxygenated blood reaches deeper into the brain, and I am having more positive thoughts.

Maybe that’s why I am so laid back right now. That, and life is good. No worries, no troubles. It’s all good, man. I am so grateful to my friends, co-workers, and life in general. Peace and love and good happiness stuff.

“Tiredness fuels empty thoughts
I find myself disposed
Brightness fills empty space
In search of inspiration
Harder now with higher speed
Washing in on top of me
So I look to my Eskimo friend
When I’m down”
– Damien Rice

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