Had a nice time at my own mostly unplanned New Year’s Eve Party. Have gotten back to work. Editing, planning, and making. I plan on continuing the utterly fantastic year that 2014 turned out to be and make 2015 even better. I foresee even more changes in my life, some good and some bad. The trick methinks is to have more good than bad on average, not letting the downside drown you. For me, I’m going to aggressively clean my slate of projects that have sat on my wall for a while. I want to make this new piece, something that will be different for me in a myriad of ways. My obsessive-compulsive tendencies make it difficult to work on something new when the old list ain’t done.

I’m going to truck past that and work on what I feel is important in the moment. The OCD can kick in later to see all the project finished later. The cold and dark of winter robs me of motivation. Human nature tends to lean towards a hibernation, watching movies or TV for longer hours because the sun is down and the freezing temperatures ain’t fun to work in.

My path to be a better man has its challenges. By challenges, I mean events and people that truly test my patience, my wit, and seething anger at the incompetence that exists in the world that somehow gets in front of me. I cannot control the imbeciles who create obstacles; only how I react to them. So far, I handle things better, but let me tell you; it’s a challenge.

“I don’t know why nobody told you
How to unfold your love
I don’t know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you”
– The Beatles

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