Did a little social media experiment. I made an Internet Meme, one specific to filmmakers (duh). I took a sketch of Stanley Kubrick and put a famous quote of his out there and placed a decent sized (not too big, not too small) JPG on the facebook, then started a few shares. The goal was to get people I don’t know to share the picture. thus far, several people have shared it but in 48 hours, only about a dozen shares by people I don’t know. Sometimes “going viral” takes time. My hypothesis is that there are tastemakers, or the equivalent of the cool kid from high school, that must first like and share something before whatever it is online goes viral. People can be sheep, always awaiting someone cooler than themselves to dictate what is or isn’t cool.

And maybe there isn’t any real math or predictability to what will or won’t go viral. Who knows? We’re talking about a complex system so profoundly large and constantly evolving it may not be possible to ever predetermine what will suddenly take off. And the factor of time plays a role as well.

I try to combine something I have passion for (Kubrick, filmmaking, inspiration, art, etc.) and then try to look at the statistical and analytical aspects. I’m trying to be scientific and do experiments. Much like I do with my cats and untested pharmaceuticals.

Got some graphics work done. Animating in After Effects is fun, but all the new plug ins like ELEMENT 3D from VideoCopilot.net require a much more powerful graphics card. I bought one, but it doesn’t fit because my PCIe slot is too close and I need that for the Matrox MX02 card. In a few months I might have to buy a new computer. That will be frustrating since it’s basically the exact same computer but with 2 PCIe ports.

Once I get a few personal items knocked out, then 2014 will really start to kick into gear. I want to produce a lot of new material and just keep on making things. Getting some basic animation on 3 different bits is taking a lot more of my time than I thought. Will try to wrap up one of these by Wed-Thurs.

“It’s poetry in motion. She turned her tender eyes to me”
– Thomas Dolby

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