Personal politics aside, I think OBAMA will win. It’s not about my choices or preferences, but simply the mathematical numbers.
 Making it all local to Ohio, a definite RED STATE and home of corrupt election practices, in DAYTON OHIO, when McCain came in to announce his VP, they had to charter their own buses for the republican party to get enough people there to make it look like a crowd was there and 2 days later when OBAMA was in DUBLIN OHIO, it was well over 20,000 people, driving themselves from as far away as Indianapolis Indiana just to see the guy and hear him speak.

The regular news media ain’t reporting facts; they’re reporting their political point of view.

Obama will win, but it won’t be a “landslide”, as people will vote what they always vote, conservative or liberal. I believe Obama will win, but it will be by less than 10%.

Did anyone else see McCain agreeing with a woman wanting to institute a new DRAFT for the military? That will do well for him. People like a draft. Especially parents and young people.

And I think both of these guys made terrible choices for VP. Obama’s guy is so devoid of any kind of personality and charisma, it was “INSERT OLDER WHITE MALE HERE”. Then McCain, thinking the overrated Hillary supporters would rather have any female (“INSERT VAGINA HERE”) , picked a woman with no experience, except being mayor of a town of 8,000 people and Governor of Alaska for less than 2 years. McCain would be older than Reagan was when he took office. If anything would happen to him, like senility, SHE would become the president. We have to look at her as if she might be the next president, and I don’t think a lot of people would vote for her for president. The republicans just took the whole “experience” attack angle off the table against Obama now.

Oh well. Politics remain a less fun time waster filled with sound bytes and out of context name games. All of this made worse by 24 hour news organizations desperate to keep ratings via controversy, even when it’s manufactured. 

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