On occasion, I do get random emails about the first feature film HORRORS OF WAR, aka NAZI ZOMBIES aka DEADMAN SOLDIERS aka ZOMBIES OF WAR, and possibly WORLD WAR ZOMBIES. I keep finding out about new releases, VOD screenings, and DVD art from people online – please note, NOT from our sales agent. Not the best way to find out about your own movie that you conceived of, co-wrote, produced, co-directed, and co-edited. Right now in the UK, they are about to re-release the DVD with all new art to try to tie it to WORLD WAR Z, which stands for WORLD WAR ZOMBIES. So they cleverly named it WORLD WAR ZOMBIES, with modern day soldiers on the DVD art. Yeah, that won’t piss off customers expecting something totally different.

It’s bad enough to have the box art in most countries showing epic, large scale battles and armies of Zombies – none of which appear in the movie. This old school technique worked great back in the 1990’s when Best Buy sold a wide variety of movies or Blockbuster video sold out of the big name movies and people grabbed something else off the shelf. Today, retailers have nothing but the Hollywood movies and Netflix can either stream the bloated budget eye candy movies or they have countless copies of the same thing to mail to you.

Indie film has become a niche market, and a very narrow one at that. It’s nearly impossible to make much of a profit unless you spent nickels on your production.

I don’t hate HORRORS OF WAR. It represents a lot of failures on my part, that I take full responsibility for. It has many good qualities to it. The film, flaws and all, still has hints of where I am headed as a filmmaker.

I just can’t watch it yet. And now it’s tainted in other personal ways that have ruined even some of the most joyous aspects of making the movie. HORRORS OF WAR now lives in a part of my life that seemed great at the time, but looking back, were actually hollow and sad.

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