I need a break. What I really need is a week or two away from work so I can complete many of my personal project agenda items. A day here and there just ain’t cutting it. I want to have a full time week to treat finishing these things like a job with total focus. That’s not likely to occur and that wouldn’t help with all I’m trying to go financially either. A conundrum! Ideas still come in waves, sometimes dry other times just a flurry of images or words. I want to be able to write down as much as I can, either in the phone, a scrap of paper, or fully in Final Draft format proper. Writing and rewriting consistently create better works, at least for me. Being open to new ideas, internal or external, and constantly questioning what is best for the piece – these are the new ways of writing for me.

This is very much a weird time in my life. I’m constantly surrounded by people and I feel more more alone than ever. That is not to be mistaken for ‘lonely’, as I’m not. I’m not particularly sad or feeling like I need more time with humans. Also, my projects are tending to be a lot better than I set out to make, but they take substantially longer to complete. My goals in terms of quality are being met, but the marketing isn’t there, at least not yet.

The delays in production and completion make the marketing harder and harder. I will not lower my bar of standards again. I have a lot of works, few of which deserve the marketing and time I spent promoting them.

My plan is set. Many of the details are gestating like that chestburster in Alien. When I get ready to reintroduce myself and my new movies to the world, I plan on it being something bigger than anything I’ve done thus far. I want to go from the new Framelines episodes to the new web series to the Cell Phone Monologues film festival runs into Accidental Art the last feature production and spend the rest of my time on that.

We only get so much time on this plane of existence. I intend to use it like this.



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