I just got some amazing news last night. I have been inducted into the “Indie Film Hall of Fame” at the Indie Gathering Film Festival and Convention this year! Holy Cow, I don’t know if I deserve such a moniker. I’m still learning. Everything I do, I still learn something new. Otherwise, why do it? An idea I had just fermented into a much better one. One of the most successful things we’ve done with FRAMELINES was the interactive editing tutorial where we put raw footage online and let people edit it. In that same vein, I wanted to do a tutorial on MULTICAM editing, as well as MUSIC VIDEOS, so originally I was just going to noodle on the guitar from 3 camera angles and put that out there. I am so far out of practice, this seems like the kind of “Let’s put on a show” crappy way that I don’t feel like doing anymore.

The idea occurred to me that my cousin, a professional musician would be more apropos for this experiment. So we’ll do an acoustic blues song together, then an instrumental jazz piece. Double the raw footage, much better performance, and also 4 camera angles as well.

Then the idea transmutated into something else. Rather than shoot on our pedestrian studio, my soon to be new living room would make a perfect set for this, plus it motivates me to unpack and finalize the house ASAP after moving in.

The Second Renaissance is in full effect. Ideas are flowing freely, like a river after a swelling rain. I’m just soaking in all the creativity and letting it drown my worries in the delight.

“I’m in heaven and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find the happiness I seek”
– Frank Sinatra

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