Last night at karaoke, I was approached by someone I had never met, who had been an avid reader of this blog. Talk about a surreal experience. Nice person she was, but I keep forgetting that ANYONE can read this. I write for an audience of under 7 people that I know well. I would think this is either the most techie boring blog that ever existed or it’s the most insider-don’t have a clue thing for an outsider to read. Why are you reading this now? My allegedly witty solicitations that NEVER EVER match the content? The past two weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions, both low and high and everything in between. Peaks and valleys aren’t really meant to hit the human psyche in such quick succession. Speaking of which, neither is my health. I pushed myself harder than ever yesterday with a walk at HighBanks Metro Park, both in terms of speed and distance. Still not running much yet, but I can feel that is a step I’m almost ready to take. Then I went Bowling for 2 hours, in my own lane, for Shane Howard’s birthday.

I’ve brought a lot of work home with me. For previously unforeseen circumstances, I’ll be taking an involuntary break in the middle of the day. Maybe the chance to hit the park or my gym and keep focusing on that. Even though I’ll be in the mindset to edit…and my OCD will go bonkers because I’ll be mid-project at that exact time. Argh!

I’ve got some new FRAMELINES material to cut, other stuff to encode and upload – which inevitably leads to a promotional tour of social media. I’m getting better at releasing stuff on semi-regular intervals. Patience seems to be working out in that and other areas. I’m also trying to be consistently putting new material of some kind out into the world.

Next week I teach a lot more. I’m editing all weekend. I don’t want to burn out. And next Saturday are the Emmy’s. Holy cow! The freakin’ EMMY’S! I cannot believe we got a nomination. That hasn’t sunk in. I mean, I rub it in my nemesis’ face on a semi-daily basis, but that’s because she’s a silly child with oversized hips and some kind of mental problem where she can’t admit she’s nowhere near as mature as I am with her stupid head. And big hideous ears. I won

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