I forced myself to edit. I just sat there and did it. It’s not easy to get into the groove without being inspired. Rhythm and pacing don’t happen on their own. The footage has to speak to you. The syncopation of the human voices, the tones of their words; it’s a dance to the music of a moment. You can control and re-synch the way anyone speaks via editing and manufacture the rhythms as well giving you near-endless options. This is why I can’t just edit whenever. It’s poetry and art rolled inside a creative tortilla smothered in secret sauce. And yet somehow, I pushed through and got to the sweet spot. Now, I’m not done, but this got me through the malaise and into that space where I can tweak and tinker for a bit to make it closer to perfect. This is the 2nd or 3rd episode of the new webseries. I’ve been testing my first cut on a few individuals for feedback.

I was willing to perform as an actor because I was playing an enormous fat slob who is losing his hair and sits on his ass watching TV. I decided to go method-Brando-style for the last 12-13 years of my life unknowingly preparing for this role! And to be honest, Marlon Brando is who I probably most look like now, except he had a pretty nice head of hair even at the end.

Now, only 33 more episodes to go and this webseries I started in January will be done!

Having some pre-production meetings this week on shoots for the aforementioned series. I’m going to break it down into 3 shooting days, for about 11-12 mini-movies in each day. It will be a logistical challenge to say the least.

Rehearsals on Friday, a location scout on Sunday, a shoot a week from Monday and the next Cell Phone Monologue will be in the can. I love being busy again. It’s also a bit tiring. Dealing with a few medical issues, big and small, wear me down a lot easier – and it didn’t take much to make me weak. It’s the waiting on test results that represent the biggest hurdle. I’m still walking at least a mile a day, usually more like 2-3 just to keep my head clear and my body a little more regular. It’s occasionally futile because my mind still wanders to the dark places.

Want to know something that irritates me? When someone tells people I never helped their career and in the same week posts a demo reel containing ONLY work done exclusively produced by me and I edited for them for free. My fascination with how people can not see this blatant contradiction or even acknowledge the slightest gratitude… it confuses me.



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