One of the things missing from the last 2 years was the desire/motivation to edit. I feel compelled to edit more these days. It may not be the most expedient but I am without a doubt more inspired. The muse has taken root in my man-cave edit suite and I treat this lady like a queen. When she beckons, I answer. Now my process has slowed down, or I slow down before presentation. I can edit fast as always. I simply do not show the cuts to as many people. I’ve managed to stave off my need to get the work out there to the public quicker.

Some people call this “patience“. So THIS is what everyone always talked about! My current slate of little projects come to life. I have a plan on how to unveil these, as each step is taken and plotted, all I have to do is wait until the right moment to release.

Feeling way better. I woke up in a pool of blood on my pillow from my nose, but at least I could breathe. That was not a fun weekend. Lots of doing nothing. Even with a blank schedule and no visitors for over 40 hours – the only movie managed to watch was DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE, which quite frankly put me off from watching the new one. I mean, criminal and ass that McTiernan may be, but the man made the best DIE HARDs and there’s no reason to see anything else.

Still no LINCOLN, DJANGO, or anything else but ARGO. I’m enjoying creating more than observing, although I have never ever missed a Quentin Tarantino in first run release. I will make time this week for QT.


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