Gonna shoot a new podcast video soon. Might delay a week if I get sick(er). Thus far in my first week of slow down, I’m still moving at a few million miles an hour. Not a lot of free time, not as much self-editing as hoped for. I can find the time soon, as the holidays open up a lot of chances to get work done. Keeping my head down, staying busy. If that’s all there is, this ain’t too terrible a life to live. Crisis averted, life pause now unpaused. New Rossdonia will soon be truly mine. I just need to unload these furballs of love and energy. Or train them as high tech feline assassins. One of those.

I got an idea that repurposes old footage. Since I had all this car chase footage, I formulated an interesting idea. Maybe doing an online tutorial that allows people to download and edit the footage for themselves. Not a remix per se, but part of a teaching thing, an online lesson. I’d name the shots and maybe create a formal EDL (Edit Decision List) that allows other people to practice a paper edit. Or do whatever they want with the footage. Still finishing this idea in my head.

I want to work on the FRAMELINES branding. I have not marketed as fully as I used to years ago. I need to get back to this kind of relentless promotion. There’s more in store for FRAMELINES but it relies on a better name recognition that currently it has.

“Love, I don’t like to see so much pain so much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away”
― Peter Gabriel

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