Got 3 things shot last night. All in 6 hours to boot. I feel fantastic, if not exhausted. My obsessive-compulsive side is partially sated by getting shot some of the projects in the queue. Of course, shooting in my own living room didn’t hurt, as in that took the least amount of permission of anywhere I could possibly shoot. I started to go over the footage and audio. I have a pickup shot to get, which will be done tomorrow afternoon because of shooting a still image first thing in the morning. Having a DSLR lying around to shoot HD 1080P footage to drop into a project doesn’t suck I must say.

After a seminar I’m doing, I plan on getting to work on several different projects this weekend and next week. I don’t even feel like slowing down or smelling any roses. I want to attack this list and get to the other half of the OCD equation, and also elation situation which is finishing and marketing.

My lord, life has been so good to me lately. Everything keeps going my way and I appreciate every single moment of it. From the friends and people who mean something to me, and even to the strangers that move out of the lanes of life to make room for me.

“Some love is just a lie of the heart
The cold remains of what began with a passionate start”
– Billy Joel

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