2013 is about to end. Eh, I’m getting less sentimental about time. Sometimes I like to look back at some statistics at the end of a year just to make sure I did accomplish something. What did I do in 2013? Both a lot and only a little. I set a bigger bar that was not met. Made 2 Cell Phone Monologues. Those have been percolating since 2011. I worked with two amazing actresses and two great cinematographers on these. One I wrote, the other I didn’t. I am quite proud of these short films.

I got only 4 of 35 MOVIE CLICHE podcasts finished. That’s a disappointment to myself. They should be all done and I have no good excuses. My standards raised meant not just throwing these together. What I’ve learned thus far from the series is that people like making fun of me, so I’m gonna dive in and let my fatness get the laughs whenever it fits.

As for FRAMELINES, a lot got finished there. 5 entire 30 minute episodes were finished and delivered, complete with Closed Captions. The broadcasts started up again statewide. Along with that, I finished 7 new Tech Tips, 8 Movie Set Job Descriptions, 8 new Roundtable segments, and an interactive editing tutorial that seems to have been the most successful thing we’ve done so far.

I’ve also made 2 entries into the Sonnyboo Podcast series, something that will keep expanding as pseudo educational material, basically these are video articles on topics I find interesting. They may or may not connect with any other people at any time, but I don’t really care. They are something to do, nothing more and nothing less. If I want to discuss the difference between copyright and trademark or my deep love of Pizza, I’m gonna make a podcast video about it as I have time and the inclination.

I made a few new episodes of Clip Frames too for Education Channels. Mostly, I just compiled the aforementioned pieces into 30 minute collages of video just to pad out time.

2013 was not a bad year. Not great either, but when I look back on it maybe I’ll see it as a year of being In Repair.

“Ain’t got nothing but love babe eight days a week”
– The Beatles

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