Imma starting to relax a little. Getting stuff done. Completing goals, projects, and preparing for the next few months. My house is in order, literally and figuratively. Getting off the internet to work on the last bit of home repair is always good. There is a parallel to the serenity to condo upgrades. And that correlates to the workload completeness. I’m getting my wish with a light work week both as a teacher and editor next week with a holiday in the mix. I’m already getting caught up on some editing, writing, and pre-production. Hopefully the days off next week will mean even more of my personal work going from [PENDING] to [COMPLETE].

I painted a corner in the kitchen around the door to the basement. Someone had attempted to paint this a year or so ago and did a less than stellar job. Before complaining loudly, at least it was SOMETHING done to it. That should have kickstarted me, but it didn’t. Now I’m running out of home projects that I can do myself. This DIY stuff has been a savior of sorts. Learning basics, working with my hands, getting off my lazy ass, and making my home a nicer, warmer place to live; this raises my spirits.

I’ve put a lot of time, money, energy, and soul into redoing my condo. Some people with more of a flair for interior decorating will scoff at my garish colors and more eccentric tastes. Luckily, they don’t have to live here. I do and I love my home. Lorenzo really really loves it because he is batting 1,000 for getting paint all over himself. Without failing, he has rubbed up against a freshly painted surface and a dreaded bath has ensued. I can NOT be mad at the little booger.

and in other news, my friend Mickey Fisher is making some serious noise in Hollywood. His TV pilot is being considered with Steven Spielberg, even contemplating directing it. Now THAT is some serious sauce. I played a few of his features in the COWTOWN FILM SERIES, we did our first ever FRAMELINES story on him, and we cooked up the idea for the Cell Phone Monologues together. Congrats to Micky! There are few people on this Earth who deserve this kind of success more.



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