Being comfortable in my own skin means doing more. After over a year of procrastination of sorts, really it was fear of rejection, I finally met up with someone who I wanted to be the subject of a documentary, short form. I was terrified they would not want me to do it so I held off for a long while on meeting. It was a wonderful gathering and now I am set to spend the next six months shooting interviews and acquiring B-Roll for this new adventure.

My mockumentary got the best vote of confidence yet when a friend who is the harshest critic I know watched it and not only loved it, demanded to be put in it. And I have a perfect part for him in it too. In the mean time, to avoid missing film festival deadlines, I renewed my film freeway account and submitted to two festivals on their late submission date. It has been years since I submitted to any film festivals. I have to get into that mind set once more in a few short weeks.

Now I am buried in a mountain of paid work for various clients, some as far away as Australia. Regardless, I am already scheduling some new shoots. I have greenscreen for Sonnyboo next week, and I want to get some long delayed interactive tutorials shot before the holiday season ruins everyone’s schedule.

I’m not feeling pressure, even self inflicted. No, I am feeling compelled in the most positive ways to do more for myself. The best description I come up with is “casual motivation“, neither urgent nor unpleasant. Just a cool vibe as I do what I want to do.

Peter John Ross

A filmmaker, a dreamer, and the world's only Dan Akroyd Cosplayer


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