Now that I took my initial edit from 22 minutes and 40 seconds down to 15 minutes and 56 seconds, I am now looking at some pickup shooting. That will add run time. I finally got the movie where I wanted it only to discover that it needs something more. This is the part of editing (and directing during the post process) where you have to decide what your movie really is. Sometimes that means scrapping things that meant a lot to you. Other times it means changing things from the intent and vision to serve the film itself with the interest in betterment.

I took a few days off, not voluntarily mind you as I had paid work that came up unexpectedly. Now I am back to the tinkering phase. I am questioning almost every single cut, one by one, each on a viewing. With over 420 cuts, that’s a lot of viewing of the same piece over and over. These are just the small tinkering as well.  I am considering some major revisions and taking out whole sequences and replacing them with alternate ideas. All of this before doing any pickup shooting of additional material.

I might have miscalculated when I said I could get this done before the end of the year. I plan on aiming more for “good” rather than “good enough” which means being patient. I plan on submitting to several smaller festivals in 2018, which means the later it finishes, the fewer entry windows it can make. I think I am more driven by quality than prestige at this point.

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