My schedule remains relentless right now. From all the live streams, editing gigs, and my own projects, I get no real time off. Maybe a half day here or there. It does not feel like I’m getting any rest because I just keep going like my time is running out. This new 8 to 5 regular work schedule… I hate it. My new employer works me to the bone. Hey, I still get to shoot and edit though. And it has afforded me a new car, some serious home theater upgrades, and a ton of film festival submission fees.

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I really am milking this whole single short film thing to death. Since I do not have the time to truly make another narrative short film, tweaking, changing, re-shooting, and re-rendering the same Uncle Pete’s Playtime documentary short film seems to be where I take out my creative frustrations. I may be doing some additional shooting this Friday.

I am now at over 30 film festivals total submitted to, with 1 acceptance thus far. Yes, I am submitting an unfinished short film. With sites like and I can update the file they will download for judging and screening. No clue if they are stuck with what was there when I submitted or not. Don’t care. This film is fine where it was and will be “better” but that is just an artist nitpicking away at the marble.

In the meantime, I am shooting more and more new material for various projects for other people. I have a documentary that is struggling to find crew. It’s as if these heathens love Jesus or something! I expected more out of artistic folk than to celebrate holidays! My skeleton crew will make it work regardless.


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