Something I’ve been doing a tad different on this new short film is basically crowd sourcing criticism of my edit. I chose not to work with another editor on this, as that is my preference in most cases. Since this follows a documentary format and is edit intensive, I chose to do it myself. That being the case, I need objective eyes and opinions on the cuts. So far, I’m on edit #5 with at least a couple more coming.

In this documentary format, reshoots are inevitable. I need to fill out the storyline a little, show some opposing views to what is in this piece. Having nothing but support and one side of a story is not a story. The very principal is to present all sides of an argument in order to make your case stronger.

This movie, which really was meant to be a time filler, a stop gap to doing a full on shoot, has my newfound perfectionism in overdrive. I want to make it the best it can be. I am not compromising a lot. It lit the fire to do more new narrative material. I feel less restricted or inhibited as I did before. I still don’t have a full crew at my fingertips. I still don’t have a lot to say at the moment. And yet, I am getting the itch to do more. I might be finding my voice again.

My life has become a stewing pot of contentment, work, fun, and cats. Life is not particularly hard at the moment. I am not struggling financially. I have creative outlets that I enjoy. I don’t have the exact level of free time, but when I do I tend to fill it with something I enjoy. There isn’t a lot of wasted time per se. I love my alone time and I chose time with friends a lot more carefully and tend to find fulfillment there too.



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